The beginning :)

It was 27th of May 2013, 12:30 in the night (In India. So ok that’s technically 28th May), unlike all the other days, my parents were awake this late in the night. Me? it’s actually a normal thing for me to be awake that late, but today was special for me too! Why? That’s because the results for GNOME’s Outreach Program for Women were to be declared then. This was something I had been preparing for since some time, and at the last minutes, long lost anxiety of the school days, of the usual result days, came back!

Some background:

GNOME’s Outreach Program for Women is a brilliant initiative to promote women’s participation in open source development. It is quite similar to GSoC(Google Summer of Code) in many ways, but as the name says, it is only for women. There are number of prestigious open source organisations (like GNOME, Mozilla and many more) participating in the program who hire interns through this program and sponsor them. I came to know of it through an E-mail that was floated on my university’s mailing list. The day I came to know of it, I thought “Why not give it a shot?!”. I had also been trying to start working on open source development since a long time, so I thought this could be a great start! And then I started looking around and finally decided I could contribute to the web-development team of GNOME. I must mention here, had it not been for the greatly helpful mentors, Andreas Nilsson and Fabiana Simoes, I would not have made it through even fixing a small bug. So, I worked, fixed some bugs and did some other stuff, submitted my proposal on the due date and waited for the results.


And then there it was! There it was! My name! My name was there in the list of the selected interns for the present round! I screamed in joy as my parents came rushing to see what happened to their lazy sleepy daughter. It was such a great moment :). Then began the series of mails, with all the instructions about what to do and what not to do. One of the TO-DOs was to write a weekly blog about the internship, for which I am late (yeah as usual), but yeah, better late than never šŸ˜€

Will keep you updated about the internship as it goes šŸ™‚ Just hope the laziness doesn’t keep me away from doing it šŸ˜‰

Saumya Pathak


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