Time to start working :D

With all the excitement of the new work, came close the date when we were supposed to start working! My project is to build an events’ site manager for GNOME. I know the idea  I was in constant touch with my mentors Andreas Nilsson and Fabiana Simoes, they are really really great people 😀 ! So, I was told to start with talking to people and collecting the requirements. My mentors, who have probably seen many newbies like me, sensed easily that this was something I wasn’t very eager to do, but nonetheless, they explained to me how important it was, and yes, after I finished with it, I did realize how many aspects and requirements of the project I had been missing!

Now, since I had the basic requirements, I was supposed to start working on the system. I was also in touch with other people from the organisation who had managed it in the previous years. I must mention here, all the  people here at GNOME are so helpful! They guided me through all the requirements and gave suggestions about improving. They suggested we could use some systems  which already existed and build upon them the system we needed. We started looking out for some open source systems we could use that could satisfy our requirements and shortlisted some. We have still not been able to finalise upon them but that should be done soon I guess 🙂 .

Meanwhile,  I also started working on the theme development part and got introduced to bootstrap! And I must tell you, it’s such an awesome thing! It just makes your work so much easier! I’ll write about it in the next post though since this one is coming out after a long time and to fill all the stuff in this would me it a really long post 🙂 So, yeah…so far its been an awesome experience and hope it continues to be!

And another thing I forgot to write about! I am going to attend GUADEC! That is so much awesome! I am really excited! Will keep you posted about it 🙂



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