GUADEC it is!!


So after the 11 hours journey that it was, from India to Brno, my excitement was reaching a whole new level! We landed at Vienna and then took a bus from there to Brno and I must say, this is such a beautiful place! And yeah it is my first trip to Europe, so everything here just adds on to my excitement 😀 .

The conference started on 1st August, it is supposed to be from 1st to 8th of August. The day before that was mostly about meeting the people we had only contacted over IRC and knew them by their nicks on the channels. It was such a great experience! I must tell you, if you think, by any chance, that the open source work or community sound a little boring, you are wrong! The community is fun, and the people are even more awesome here at GNOME! The welcome party was a hit 🙂 Everyone got to meet everyone (almost 😛 , some people had late flights so they couldn’t attend it) and we had free drinks 😀 (see, I did tell you, the open source community always has its own share of fun 😉 ) .

The first day of the conference saw people coming in since the morning. The keynote on the first day was by Ethan Lee and was supposed to be followed by talks. We had some really good talks on the first day. Actually, there were so many good talks, and some had their timings clashing, so the attendees had to make a tough choice between the talks. There was a talk about GNOME’s OSTree project by Colin Walters. It was a great one. The OSTree is not a commercial product yet, but it has great utility. It basically simplifies your task to keep updating your packages separately. The gnome-ostree build system watches for commits to many git repositories builds them, integrates them into a complete file system tree that can be downloaded using the  tool. Its of great use to designers. It was originally created to make the life of designers at Gnome easier.

Then throughout the day there were  interesting talks by many people. The talk by Fabiana Simoes about how should one not report the UX bugs was great and other talks too were awesome. I just told you, it was actually difficult for the attendees to choose between the talks 🙂 . 

So, I shall keep you updated on all the GUADEC stuff, actually I can’t keep myself from doing it anyways, because there is always so much to write and so much to tell about it! 

Cya 🙂



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